Seal Rocks, NSW, Australia

Seal Rocks On the North coast of NSW near Myall Lakes National Park there is a small and pristine community called Seal Rocks. This community has an interesting history being known for resisting massive commercial development. In that sense the members of the community did a great job. Entering Seal Rocks is stepping away from the businesses of big campgrounds and other overcrowded villages you … Continue reading Seal Rocks, NSW, Australia

Booti Booti National Park NSW Australia

Booti Booti About 4 hours drive north of Sydney, located just south of Forster, this national park is worth visiting if only for 7 Mile Beach. There are short bush walks and beaches to be explored there as well as the usual surfing, fishing, and swimming. I have been to Booti Booti twice: once on an Easter weekend and once mid-week in March and had … Continue reading Booti Booti National Park NSW Australia

First climbing weekend with a newborn

Going out with baby Wow, this pregnancy thing was a hell of an adventure! I am still in shocked when I think about it. A year ago we were still in the dark about breastfeeding, newborn poop, baby sleeping patterns… no immediate plans to create a mini-human and dreaming of our next adventure. The months of the pregnancy were one of the most amazing journeys … Continue reading First climbing weekend with a newborn

Climbing Pregnant and other exercises in pregnancy: part 2

Here I am, 35 weeks pregnant and only a few more weeks until our daughter’s arrival. To be honest I never thought I would be rock climbing at this stage of my pregnancy.  Like a lot of people I always thought of pregnant women it must be hard to carry all of that extra weight as if they were some kind of poor, fragile little … Continue reading Climbing Pregnant and other exercises in pregnancy: part 2

Climbing pregnant?

Should I or shouldn’t I… I found out that I was pregnant during a rock climbing trip in Arco, Italy. Put on the spot, I had immediate concerns about climbing pregnant. On one hand I had trained for weeks to be in the best shape possible for this trip – traveling anywhere outside of Australia is a big investment of time and money – but … Continue reading Climbing pregnant?

Climbing Clinic with Monique Forestier

For Valentine’s Day I treated myself with something I wanted to do for a long time and took a Climbing Clinic led by one of the most talented climbers in the country, Monique Forestier. Monique is noted for being the first woman in Australia to climb routes graded 31 to 33 (still few men can climb at that level). But most of all she is … Continue reading Climbing Clinic with Monique Forestier

Scary Encounter at the Crag

Last weekend we went climbing at Bulahdelah in the Hunter region of NSW and had a scary encounter! I am getting used to the almost ever-present spider webs, the nasty ants and other Australian creatures that do not exist anywhere else on earth; but the encounter we faced last weekend was quite unexpected and scary! Mister A was belaying while Mister B was on the … Continue reading Scary Encounter at the Crag