1000 km à vélo en famille

Ça y est, le jour du départ approche! Dans quelques jours, nous nous attaquerons à une nouvelle aventure; cette fois 3 semaines de vélo à travers l’Autriche, la Hongrie, la Slovakie, la Slovénie, la Croatie et l’Italie. Au total, c’est 1100 km que nous espérons parcourir en trois semaines, avec notre trotteuse de deux ans qui nous suivra confortablement assise dans sa remorque à l’arrière. … Continue reading 1000 km à vélo en famille

A quick stop in Kota Bharu

After a great stay in the Perhentians, we decided to stop one night in Kota Bharu and fly from there the next day. At first sight, Kota Bharu appears to be a glauque, uncharming, dirty, somewhat dodgy city. This is not far off the mark and I would say that most people would not want to stay more than one night there. But, if you … Continue reading A quick stop in Kota Bharu

Beautiful Perhentian Islands

After our disappointing stay in the Gilis Islands I had very low expectations for the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia. But what a surprise when we got to the Perhentians! These Malaysian islands are absolutely nothing like the Gilis, that’s for sure. They are much more preserved, the coral is in far better condition, and there is still enough wild nature to ensure a peaceful and … Continue reading Beautiful Perhentian Islands

Too old for this shit… Kuta, Lombok with baby

Too old for this shit… Kuta, Lombok with baby We arrived in Kuta, Lombok full of hope that we would finally have a more authentic taste of Indonesia. The transport was great – sitting right in the front, getting scared at every curve, and even, oddly, getting to watch Justin Bieber’s christmas DVD… The driver left us at the corner of a tiny unpaved street … Continue reading Too old for this shit… Kuta, Lombok with baby