A day in Singapore with baby

A day in Singapore with baby

After our two weeks in Bali and Lombok it was time to hit the city for a change. We were lucky to be able to stay with our friends who have two amazing daughters so ours had plenty of playtime and new toys to enjoy. We had a terrific weekend in Singapore, in part because we could finally let the baby run around the house, free from being cramped in a tiny guesthouse room. Our friends welcomed us very generously and pointed out a few things to do as we had only one day to enjoy the city. Having a stop in a modern city with all the things we are used to after Indonesia was a great idea for the three of us.


Gardens by the Bay

Traveling with a baby is hard work; you have to be constantly on the watch for steps, sharp corners, random concrete blocks, dirt, bugs, dogs… and you get very little time to just relax and spend time as a couple. In Singapore we both got a bit more relaxed knowing that the medical services are great and that there would be green parks and fun things to do with the little one.

We spent most of our day at Gardens by the Bay. Baby got to enjoy the FREE water play area and gigantic playground just behind. This place was awesome! Singapore is a very safe, organised and clean city – and there was no one running after baby trying to grab her for a selfie (which she hates thoroughly!).

After a long play we just explored the area, ate in some of the many hawker markets and headed to the Barage a little futher where we watched the locals flying kites. Our daughter was mesmerised! Lucky for us there was a special light show later that night – another free activity, yeah!


Don’t miss out on eating at the hawker markets

Yep, Singapore is expensive! Not much more than Sydney to be honest and maybe even cheaper if you stick to the hawker markets (like a giant outdoor food court, but much better) where you can eat the best food Singapore has to offer without breaking the bank. Surprisingly, our little one ate very well in Singapore. We were impressed by our friends’ daughters, 2 and 4, who eat pretty much everything, even spicy food. Anything goes in the hawker stalls: chili crab, stingray, delicious carrot cake (that has no carrots and is not at all a cake), tropical fruit juices, coconut drinks, noodles, satays, and many more delicious dishes that I don’t know the names of! Eating a meal from the hawker markets is a must in Singapore and there is no need to avoid it with kids. I thought it was much easier to eat outside and share meal around a messy table than trying to keep the little one quiet and clean in a fancy and expensive restaurant.


After our two nights in Singapore we said goodbye to our friends sad not to stay any longer but refreshed and ready to visit Malaysia.

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