A wedding in the jungle: The Tailwind Jungle Lodge

A wedding in the jungle: The Tailwind Jungle Lodge

One year ago we flew with our 5 month old baby to get married in the Mexican jungle. We wanted a simple and small wedding, had a small budget, and a taste for adventure. After a bit of research we found the perfect place: we would get married at the Tailwind Jungle Lodge, a yoga retreat and lodge in the middle of the Mexican jungle. Why not trap everyone in the jungle with no possibility of escaping for a whole week! That idea would surely take Aunty and Grandma out of their comfort zone and therefore make the moment even more memorable for all.

At first sight the Tailwind seemed absolutely perfect. The lodge is located in the middle of the jungle with a view on the Pacific Ocean. The nearest village, San Francisco (San Pancho for the locals), is cute, has a range of accommodations for all budgets, and is busy enough with plenty of good food and activities. Located not too far from its popular neighbour, Sayulita, I felt like San Pancho had a more authentic vibe.

Our arrival

We arrived at the Tailwind a few days before our guests. We immediately embarked into the jungle rhythm feeling very welcomed by owners Tamara and her parents. As we were the first to ever get married on their beautiful yoga platform, excitement was in the air and we could feel it! We chose to stay in one of the ‘’glamping style’’ bungalows where we slept the three of us in a giant bed in a large tent under the mexican sky. That night we fell asleep to the sounds of the jungle, and woke up in the midst of the giant palm trees. The bungalow was actually my favourite room; what’s better than showering in the middle of the jungle? The compost toilet did not bother us as they are surprisingly clean and odour-free.

Arrival of our guests: which casita will suit whom?

When our guests arrived we moved to Palapa Tigre where we set up our headquarters for the week. The fully equipped kitchen and the giant table on the terrasse made it the perfect spot for group breakfasts and happy hours. The nearby pool was greatly enjoyed by our guests. Deciding where everyone would sleep was a bit of a puzzle, but we made it work. The young and more adventurous were perfectly happy in the bungalows. Family members who are not fans of camping enjoyed casita Pumita. Others who really don’t like to share their house with bugs appreciated the screened windows of Casita Tejone. In addition to the Tailwind, and as recommended by Tamara, we also booked a luxurious house with a large pool viewing the ocean about 10 min walk from the lodge.

Wedding organisation  

Tamara was incredibly helpful in helping to plan the wedding. She assisted us in finding a caterer and planning a kayak tour, yoga session, manicure afternoon, and car rentals. We choose chef Alex and his team to cater for our wedding dinner and they took care of everything from setting the table with beautiful flowers to cocktails. We gave them total freedom and they really delivered with local and fresh fish. I would totally recommend them. Their professionalism was beyond expectation; there is no way we could’ve afforded such a professional and delightful meal in Australia.

Two good friends of ours who we met in the first moments of our relationship wrote and celebrated the ceremony which was absolutely fabulous.

A bit of chaos

Of course getting married in such an unusual setting brings a certain level of chaos and so I had to send my dad on a flower hunt the morning of the wedding in order to make myself a bouquet! Finally we didn’t have a hairdresser and so my hair didn’t end up as I had pictured in my head. We had no photographer, putting my Sister-in-law and Dad in charge. But honestly, who cares? In the end we exchanged our vows in front of our family, friends and daughter in the middle of the jungle with a spectacular view on the Pacific Ocean. It was an intimate and therefore even more meaningful event (and we certainly didn’t ended up in debt).

The Jacobi family: truly genuine people

The Jacobi family are the wonderful people behind this crazy project of a lodge and yoga retreat in the middle of the jungle. I can’t put enough emphasis on that; we wouldn’t have had such a great time at the Tailwind without them, that’s for sure! They are truly genuine people and we felt part of the family during our entire stay. Tamara was incredibly helpful with our numerous online communications in the year leading up to the wedding and Judy was always available and full of ideas on the ground. Our hosts made sure to help us with small but yet important details such as building a palm arch for the ceremony and giving us thoughtful advice. We have found new friends there!

In retrospect

The kids didn’t sleep enough; there were no fancy decorations; I didn’t get to have a bachelorette party nor a ‘’say yes to the dress’’ afternoon with the girls drinking champagne. But I am glad we took our family and friends into the jungle so they could experience and share with us what WE love. What’s important about the wedding is not the amount of money you put into it nor the amount of relatives you can afford to invite.

10 years in the Jungle

This year the Tailwind Jungle Lodge are celebrating their 10th year in the jungle. To learn a little bit more about them visit their website and Facebook page and don’t forget to visit them in the jungle!

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