Seal Rocks, NSW, Australia

Seal Rocks

On the North coast of NSW near Myall Lakes National Park there is a small and pristine community called Seal Rocks. This community has an interesting history being known for resisting massive commercial development. In that sense the members of the community did a great job. Entering Seal Rocks is stepping away from the businesses of big campgrounds and other overcrowded villages you can find in the area, especially on school holidays.

Dunes behind Yagon Campground

There is not much to do in Seal Rocks; a general store with limited supply and plenty of beaches to let yourself relax, surf, and sink into natures beauty. It is definitely a must if you enjoy letting yourself float away into day dreaming afternoons. This community has a kind of raw yet surreal and untouched vibe that makes it very attractive. If you haven’t seen the strange but yet sexy film Adore (Perfect Mothers) from director Anne Fontaine I suggest watching it and going to Seal Rocks where part of the film was shot.

Yagon Campground
To fully embrace seclusion and spectacular nature, you can enjoy the Yagon Campground in Myall Lakes National Park. This campground has a dry toilet and electric BBQ’s. Bring your own water. Further away from civilisation than the other campgrounds this site is located next to the dunes. Perfect for nature lovers in search of a quiet spot and pristine camp site. The road to the campground is a bit tricky to manoeuvre in times of heavy rain but other than that it’s an amazing site. With a bit of luck you might see dingoes and goannas.

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