Moving overseas and selling everything: the best of best responses I received on Facebook Marketplace

It’s now official. We are moving overseas…again! In a few weeks we are taking off to lead a nomad life for a multi-month trip through Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, etc. … Packing for an overseas move means sorting out what is truly essential in our lives. This daunting process is so liberating – I hate it, yet love it – plus selling most of our stuff via Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree has been a pure comedy so far.

Here’s an overview of the best comments I received…

About a very average guitar that we are selling for pretty cheap: 

Buyer: Would you mind sending me a recording of a song so I can hear how the guitar sounds like?

Me: Sorry mate the baby is sleeping…

About a clothes iron I am selling for $5 :

Buyer: I would like to offer $4.

Me: Seriously mate?!

About that very same clothes iron $5:

Buyer: Hello I am living in “somewhere” and I want to buy this item for $5.

Me after I googled her neighbourhood and realised it’s more than 50 km away (with basically all of greater Sydney between us): Mate, that’s pretty far! It’s probably not worth coming from this far to buy a $5 iron…

Buyer: Fine I am coming by train. What train should I take?

Me: There is no train. It’s like 50km from your place and it will take you 3 hours to get there… Buyer: Can you please tell me the train I am ready to come by this afternoon.

Me: There is NO TRAIN you would have to take a ferry and a bus.

Buyer: Jeez why didn’t you tell me that before – it’s too far! (needless to say, our neighbourhood was clearly listed on the ad!)

About a pretty ordinary melamine bookshelf I am letting go for $10:

Buyer: I would like to buy it for $25. I would offer you $50 but you don’t deliver.

Me: Believe me mate you don’t want to buy this for $25…

About a bread maker:

Buyer: Hi what kind of bread can you make with this?

Me: Bread loaf…

Buyer: Can you make some bread and take a picture for me please?

Me: Yes of course and I can also eat it and write you a delightful review.

Yep, moving is so exciting!

One thought on “Moving overseas and selling everything: the best of best responses I received on Facebook Marketplace”

  1. Oh my goodness, I giggled so much ready this! You definitely experienced some pretty unusual things with all your moving abroad preparations. Just like when your packages were accidentally sent to… Swaziland instead of Switzerland. 🙊

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