First climbing weekend with a newborn

Going out with baby

Wow, this pregnancy thing was a hell of an adventure! I am still in shocked when I think about it. A year ago we were still in the dark about breastfeeding, newborn poop, baby sleeping patterns… no immediate plans to create a mini-human and dreaming of our next adventure. The months of the pregnancy were one of the most amazing journeys I have been through. Then, somehow in mid December, late in the afternoon and pretty desperate to end this now 9+ month long pregnancy… it all became real.

Feeling insecure

It seemed like an eternity. When I came back from home with this little mademoiselle so tiny and so new I felt emotionally exhausted. I could not picture myself making dinner much less going out. Yep, for me who loves to workout it was hard to even think about when I was going to hit the gym again. Lucky for me I had no complications (I could not imagine how it would have been).

After three weeks of staying inside, moving from the bedroom to the couch and from the couch to the table I was pretty desperate to feel like myself again. Not everyone has the same pace – one thing at a time… For some reason I had no idea that the first few weeks with a newborn would be the way they were.

As much as I would love to avoid the cliché things that no one told me about having a baby I have to admit that no one told me how it was going to be the first week… breastfeeding, sleeping (or not), and all that. I was so focused on the birth process and getting ready for a natural birth that I forgot to ask questions about how it was going to be after.

I ended up not moving from my house for three weeks except for a few little walks here and there, being a little insecure about feeding out and about. It takes a lot of energy to get out of the house with a newborn! Fortunately our family was there to help. I did feel guilty not to get out, thinking that I was the only mum that was still on her couch and not going anywhere.

Going out for real

Week six. Névée’s feeding a little less, overseas visitors are gone, we are gaining control of the situation (that’s what we thought…) let’s take advantage of the long weekend and go climbing with a bunch of friends. We head up to the Blue Mountains. It’s going to rain so we share a cabin in Blackheath. Lets keep the camping adventure for another time. Everything looks awesome. On the way there, mum sleeps in the car and baby sleeps too; almost three hours in a row, amazing.
Day one, we put baby in the baby carrier – ergobaby performance I love you! -; I am a little insecure there are flies and mosquitoes that bites; mum’s on the lookout – damn mosquitoes, don’t you dare take a bite of my daughter’s fresh skin. We set up a little tent for baby. We are 5 it’s a perfect number as one of us is on baby duty while the other pairs are climbing. It’s mum’s turn to climb. I am nervous and not so sure that I still have muscles under that floppy flesh on my belly. I tie in. Good, I still remember that. I put my feet on the wall and climb my way to the top, it’s a 15 or a 16 I don’t even know or care. I stop and look around, take a deep breath, enjoy the view. Wow, I made it to the top. I made this beautiful healthy baby, I’m still myself, and I’m still able to climb. I am suddenly excited about making plans for the future. I am excited to show my daughter the world the way we see it. I am thinking, we have a beautiful child and life is still the same. Same same, but different.

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