1000 km à vélo en famille

Ça y est, le jour du départ approche! Dans quelques jours, nous nous attaquerons à une nouvelle aventure; cette fois 3 semaines de vélo à travers l’Autriche, la Hongrie, la Slovakie, la Slovénie, la Croatie et l’Italie. Au total, c’est 1100 km que nous espérons parcourir en trois semaines, avec notre trotteuse de deux ans qui nous suivra confortablement assise dans sa remorque à l’arrière. … Continue reading 1000 km à vélo en famille

A quick stop in Kota Bharu

After a great stay in the Perhentians, we decided to stop one night in Kota Bharu and fly from there the next day. At first sight, Kota Bharu appears to be a glauque, uncharming, dirty, somewhat dodgy city. This is not far off the mark and I would say that most people would not want to stay more than one night there. But, if you … Continue reading A quick stop in Kota Bharu

A wedding in the jungle: The Tailwind Jungle Lodge

A wedding in the jungle: The Tailwind Jungle Lodge One year ago we flew with our 5 month old baby to get married in the Mexican jungle. We wanted a simple and small wedding, had a small budget, and a taste for adventure. After a bit of research we found the perfect place: we would get married at the Tailwind Jungle Lodge, a yoga retreat … Continue reading A wedding in the jungle: The Tailwind Jungle Lodge

The Gili Islands with baby

The Gili Islands with baby After our short stay in Bali we took the fast boat from Amed Beach and its beautiful volcanic black beaches for the Gili Islands. The Gilis are a really bizarre phenomenon in the backpacker’s world; a mix of local muslims swimming fully clothed with loud western tourists and backpackers ready to party and lay on the beach in bikinis. We … Continue reading The Gili Islands with baby

Seal Rocks, NSW, Australia

Seal Rocks On the North coast of NSW near Myall Lakes National Park there is a small and pristine community called Seal Rocks. This community has an interesting history being known for resisting massive commercial development. In that sense the members of the community did a great job. Entering Seal Rocks is stepping away from the businesses of big campgrounds and other overcrowded villages you … Continue reading Seal Rocks, NSW, Australia